New Mexico House Democrats

Upcoming Legislative Interim Committee Meetings August 21-25, 2017


Upcoming Legislative Interim Committee Meetings

August 21-25, 2017


SANTA FE, NM – The following legislative interim committees are meeting the week of August 21-25, 2017

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House Dems Fight to Preserve Services for Nations, Tribes and Pueblos

Under Threat by Federal Budget, House Dems Are Fighting to Maintain Services for Kids, Seniors and Most Vulnerable


Gallup N.M. – This week, the legislative Interim Indian Affairs Committee (IAC) has been meeting in the heart of Indian country, listening to presentations and testimony from tribal leaders and community members alike about the myriad of challenges facing the 22 Pueblos and Tribes of New Mexico. Of biggest concern to House Democrats are the cuts in services from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) being proposed in President Trump’s 2018 budget.  The proposed cuts would dramatically impact an already underfunded and strained system, potentially forcing parents, seniors and the most vulnerable to seek services from state government to help fill the gaps. 

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In a New Mexico First, Female Rep. Chairs Science Committee

Committee to Oversee Legislation Involving Science, Technology and Telecommunications

Santa Fe, NM – As the ink dries on interim committee assignments, Representative Candie Sweetser (D-Deming) has been tapped to Chair the Science, Technology, and Telecommunications Committee during the legislative interim. This marks the first time in New Mexico state history that a woman will serve as Chair of this Interim Committee, and the first interim Chair position for the freshman Representative.

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Statement From Speaker Brian Egolf and Senate President Pro Tem Mary Kay Papen on Petition for Writ of Mandamus Filed Today

Santa Fe, NM - Earlier today, Legislative Council filed a petition for Writ of Mandamus in Santa Fe District Court seeking invalidation of the vetoes of ten bills passed during the regular session. Speaker Brian Egolf and Senate President Pro Tem Mary Kay Papen issued the following statement:

“Effective governing requires clear communication between the executive and legislative branches. Although those bills passed both chambers with strong bipartisan support, the legislature remains in the dark regarding Governor Martinez’s objections to those bills she attempted to veto. By seeking Mandamus, we are protecting the legislative process and ensuring that the Governor complies with the constitution. If successful in the Court, we will not only have succeeded in maintaining separation of powers, but in enacting these ten bills our state can better prepare students for high-paying careers in STEM, support small businesses to grow and thrive, and provide opportunity to New Mexicans everywhere.” 

Full list of bill unconstitutionally vetoed:

Speaker Brian Egolf's Statement on the Governor's Post Special Session Actions

Santa Fe, N.M. –

“New Mexicans were counting on their elected officials to come together and put New Mexicans first during this Special Session, and I believe we have done that. With the Governor’s signature on a bipartisan budget that restores funding for higher education and the legislature, we can now move forward with laying down a framework that puts job creation and education at the center of economic development and investment in our kids. Despite the success of the bipartisan budget, I am dismayed that commonsense legislation to create sustained revenue, and provide over $100 million in new money for Medicaid, as well as efforts to level the playing field for small businesses and hospitals will have to wait another year to become law."

House Dems Decline Per Diem Pay as Special Session Goes Into Recess

Declination of $164 Per Diem Signals a Need to Save While State’s Financial Security Remains in Perilous Territory


Santa Fe, N.M. – TODAY, House Democrats signed a pledge that they would not collect their daily per diem of $164 while the House stands in recess as legislators await action from the Governor on the recently passed budget and related bills.

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Tax Plan Favoring the Well-Connected Dies in Party Line Vote

Tax Reform Bill 8 Dies in Committee

Santa Fe, N.M. – Today, House Democrats in the House Labor and Economic Development Committee rejected House Bill 8, a hastily created plan to reform New Mexico’s tax code that sought to balance the budget by increasing health insurance premiums on the sick, while carving out tax havens for hedge fund managers and the well-connected. With little time to understand the details regarding the bill’s impact on the state’s finances, concerned groups and citizens urged legislators to take the time to study who would be affected by such a comprehensive tax reform plan.

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House Democrats Restore Damaging Veto of Higher ed Funding and Pass Responsible Revenue Package

After Failed Partisan Override, House Democrats Restore Funds Vetoed by Governor of All Higher Education Funding and Pass Revenue Package to Put New Mexico on a Solid Financial Ground 

Santa Fe, NM –Tonight, the House passed House Bills 1, and 2, restore funds vetoed by the Governor to higher education, UNM’s Cancer Center and other critical services for our state’s most vulnerable. House Bill 1, a general budget bill, passed in a 46-20 bipartisan vote, and restored all vetoed funding from 2017’s first session and included an additional $1 million for student financial aid, and $1 million to the UNM Cancer Center. House Bill 2, a revenue package that raises recurring revenue by $117.4 million in Fiscal Year 18 through the closure of tax loopholes also creates a state rainy day fund in case of another decline in the price of oil and gas. HB 2 passed the House on a party line vote of 37-29.

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Speaker Egolf's Statements on Today's Filed Lawsuit to Overturn Governor's Vetoes




DATE: April 21, 2017

Contact: Daniel Marzec

Phone: 505-363-8372

Speaker Egolf’s Statement on Today’s Filed Lawsuit to Overturn Governor’s Vetoes

Vetoes Eliminate All Higher Education Funding, Legislative Branch and Other Critical State Funded Services and Institutions


Santa Fe, N.M. –

“The Governor’s unconstitutional vetoes of all funding for our colleges and universities have added unneeded stress to students who attend these schools and families who hope to send their children to college in New Mexico.  Her vetoes also threaten our prosperity because our colleges help drive our economy. We have heard from families across the state who are saying that they do not want the Governor to use our education system as a political pawn. To restore stability to our communities, the Legislature today took legal action to stop the Governor’s unconstitutional vetoes that eliminate all funding for higher education and the Legislature."



House Democrats Say, "Enough is Enough"




DATE: April 9, 2017

Contact: Daniel Marzec

Phone: 505-363-8372


House Democrats Say “Enough is Enough” to Governor’s Reckless Actions and Cuts

“Our shared responsibility requires that we – together – acknowledge that without reliable revenues to our state, we cannot meet our obligations.”


As legislators, our job is to protect New Mexico’s people and grow our economy.  We strive to provide all our children with excellent classrooms and exceptional teachers.  Our top priorities are creating jobs and making economic development opportunities available to our homegrown New Mexico businesses.   We are committed to ensuring that our communities are safe. We must provide good roads and clean water while encouraging broadband and clean power sources. New Mexicans should feel proud to live here. 

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