Doreen Wonda Johnson

HJOHD.jpgDoreen was raised by Maria Arviso Johnson and the Harry B. Johnson. In the tight-knit town of Crownpoint, she grew up knowing her neighbors and being raised with a large extended family.

After high school, Doreen competed in and was honored to win both Miss Indian Phoenix and Miss Indian America. The year that she spent visiting tribal communities as Miss Indian America had a lasting effect on her. What became abundantly clear was that there were far too many unmet needs in rural communities in our country. The experience of traveling and hearing the concerns of communities across the nation helped to guide Doreen to public service.

Seeing an opportunity to serve, Doreen took a position as the Intergovernmental Liaison in the Arizona Governor's Office. Serving under three different administrations Doreen was able to build strong partnerships between state, federal and tribal entities. Through her skills as a communicator, Doreen was able to bring diverse stakeholders together to expand educational, health and social initiatives across the state.

Doreen later moved to Washington, DC to work for both the National Indian Health Board and the National Indian Education Association. During her time in DC she focused on improving healthcare and educational opportunities for Native American communities across the United States. When she returned home Doreen served as Executive Staff Assistant in the President and Vice President's Office of the Navajo Nation.

Doreen's experience as an advocate spans the local to the national. She's been a leader within both tribal and state government and now runs her own consulting business.

Representative Johnson currently serves as a member of the House Rules and Order of Business Committee, House State Government, Indian and Veterans Affairs Committee and the House Taxation and Revenue Committee.

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