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Abq Representative’s Pilot Program Creates Mentorship Program for Lottery Scholarship Students

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Rio Rancho- NM State Representative Patricio Ruiloba (D 12- Bernalillo Co.) presented an update on his innovative Lottery Student Community Outreach Pilot Project at today’s Legislative Education Study Committee.  The program encourages Lottery Scholarship recipients to volunteer to mentor K-12 public school students and participate in community service projects.

Representative Ruiloba passed legislation to create the program during the 2015 Legislative Session.  House Bill 460 adds a new section to the Legislative Lottery Tuition Scholarship Act that requires the Higher Education Department to establish a program that includes mentoring public school students and/or participating in community-based service projects. The program term is for Fiscal Year 17 (academic year 2016-2017) through Fiscal Year 23 (academic year 2022-2023).


The goals of the program are to demonstrate that:

-Both mentors and mentees receive benefits, including improved grades and graduation times and a renewed sense of confidence, purpose, and community and civic engagement

-Mentorships and community service models enhance the community

-Mentoring by young adults can help disadvantaged public school students narrow the achievement gap; improve cognitive, social and behavioral skills; and lead to higher test scores and success in school

-Mentoring can improve the scholarship recipients’ skills, experience, success in college, and job marketability while promoting civic and social engagement in the community


The legislation also grants preference for the pilot project to high poverty areas and requires the Higher Education Department to provide annual efficacy evaluations to the Legislature and Governor.


“When it comes to education, we need to do better, and we need to be innovative in how we make sure that every student has the opportunity for success that they deserve.  Relationships are key to the development of young people, and this program is a creative way to improve education, enhance our communities, and grow the skills of the next generation of New Mexicans.  We all have a responsibility to help the next generation succeed—for their sake, and ours. New Mexico’s future is brightest when our students can shine,” stated the bill’s sponsor, Representative Patricio Ruiloba.


The bill also may help college students reach graduation, “We lose a lot of college students in the second and third semester, and another piece of the legislation that I was proud to add connects college freshman with college senior mentors,” added Ruiloba.


The Higher Education Department is on track to meet the requirements in the bill to begin the program in the Fall 2016 semester.


For more information and to read the bill, visit: