New Mexico Democrats Invite Mexican President to Address Legislature

New Mexico Democrats Invite Mexican President to Address Legislature

A Letter to President Enrique Peña Nieto Highlights the Economic and Cultural Benefits of US-Mexico Relationship

Santa Fe, N.M. - Today, New Mexico Democratic Representatives Bill McCamley (D-Las Cruces), Javier Martinez (D-Albuquerque), and Angelica Rubio (D-Las Cruces) formally invited Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to address the New Mexico House Chamber during the 2017 legislative session. The letter comes after the Mexican President cancelled a scheduled meeting with President Donald Trump following his tweet advising President Peña Nieto to stay home unless he was willing to fund the construction of a wall along the roughly 2,000-mile border separating the two countries.   

In the letter, the Representatives write, “We here in the New Mexico State House of Representatives understand that our futures are intertwined and know when the people of Mexico thrive, we do as well. As our communities grow and succeed, the benefits extend across the border uplifting both our peoples.”

Representatives McCamley and Rubio both represent border communities that benefit from the exchange of goods, ideas, and cultures between the two countries. Representative Javier Martínez, the son of immigrants, takes pride in New Mexico’s multicultural heritage. 

As New Mexico continues to grapple with the threats to our economy that President Trump’s actions pose, Democrats in the Legislature have taken a stand to protect the economic and cultural benefits the state relies on. 

Full version of the letter is available here