House Education Committee Passes Teacher Raises

House Education Committee Passes Teacher Raises

Would Increase Minimum Teacher Salaries

Santa Fe, NM – Today, a bill to raise pay for New Mexico teachers passed the House Education Committee and now heads to the House Floor. SB 119, sponsored by Senator Mimi Stewart (D-Albuquerque), would increase minimum salaries for all teacher levels.

“We have seen other bills come up around increasing teacher pay that don’t incorporate the proposed raise into the state budget, which makes it really hard to move the legislation forward. I am glad to see a bill that includes an appropriation, so we can lift up our educators who are working hard every day to provide the best education possible for our children,” said Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard, Chairwoman of the House Education Committee.

“We must to make sure that educators have the resources needed to support students. Increasing teacher pay lets our teachers know that they are valued and important. In past years, we haven’t been on the right footing financially to provide this support, so now that we’re in a better position, I am happy to see this bill moving forward,” said Rep. Majority Leader Sheryl Williams Stapleton.

Funding for the pay increase is included in this year’s budget. This bill was created with input from legislators and key community members. New Mexico is ranked 49th in education. These pay raises will help keep good teachers here in New Mexico, and make our state more attractive to quality teachers.