House Republicans blast Mandatory Flunking bill out of committee

House Republicans blast Mandatory Flunking bill out of committee


SANTA FE – Today in an unprecedented move, House Republicans motioned to remove the mandatory flunking bill from House Appropriations and Finance Committee to place on the temporary calendar during today’s afternoon floor session. This procedure is referred to as a “blast.”  It is very uncommon for the majority party in any chamber to blast any of their bills out of a committee that they have referred it to. 


“The legislative process must be respected and upheld,” said House Democratic Whip, Representative Sheryl Williams Stapleton. “Today House Republicans went against their commitment to ensure that this bill would be properly debated in the House Appropriations and Finance Committee. Every New Mexican that has a concern on this bill deserves the right to speak their concerns; this bill should not have been pulled from its committee. We are supposed to uphold the committee process, every Democrat present today voted against violating the committee process and the rules of the House.”


“I am highly disappointed in the blatant disregard for the legislative process that I saw today,” said Representative Stephanie Maez. “House Republicans had given the public their commitment that the mandatory flunking bill would be referred to the House Appropriations and Finance Committee.  Taking a bill that can have such a drastic economic impact on our schools out of HAFC is not fiscally responsible – every Republican that voted for this blast will still have to answer to their constituents.”


HB 41 now moves to the House floor. House Democrats will keep fighting so that every child receives a quality education and that our tax payer dollars are invested in interventions that work.



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