House Republicans Write Dark Chapter for Film and TV in New Mexico

House Republicans Write Dark Chapter for Film and TV in New Mexico

House Republicans vote to cut small businesses and high-quality jobs

for New Mexican families

Monday, October 3, 2016

Santa Fe – Today, in the House Ways and Means Committee, House Bill 15 which reduces the New Mexico film tax incentive from its $50 million cap to a $30 million cap for one year was passed in a 7-5 party line vote with House Republicans voting in favor of the reduction. Representatives heard lengthy testimony from the public about how the film industry has helped New Mexicans achieve their dreams, including home ownership and providing good wages and benefits for New Mexican families.

“We are sending the wrong message to the movie industry with the passage of this bill today,” stated Representative Jim Trujillo (D-Santa Fe). “The damage done by this vote is irreversible, and once these movie companies leave New Mexico, they and their investment dollars go too.”

“As our state goes through these tough economic times, we need to make sure we sustain the industries that are succeeding in keeping our economy growing to pay for our children, schools, public safety and healthcare,” said Carl Trujillo (D-Santa Fe). “The film and TV industry has spent millions of dollars investing in our communities, creating jobs and developing our workforce. This tax incentive works and there is no rationale as to why my colleagues across the aisle are putting this industry on the chopping block.”

The film and TV industry in New Mexico has helped New Mexico recover from the 2008 recession by employing New Mexicans across numerous industries, allowing them to keep their livelihoods intact. House Bill 15 will now move forward onto the House floor where it will be debated later this week.