Independent Ethics Commission Resolution Clears Senate Hurdle, Moves to Floor

Independent Ethics Commission Resolution Clears Senate Hurdle, Moves to Floor

Santa Fe, N.M. – Today, House Joint Resolution 8, a resolution creating an Independent Ethics Commission, passed the Senate Rules Committee with bipartisan support. HJR 8, sponsored by Representatives Nathan Small (D-Las Cruces), Bill McCamley (D-Las Cruces), Daymon Ely (D-Corrales) and Jim Dines (R-Albuquerque), proposes a constitutional amendment creating an Independent Ethics Commission tasked with investigating and issuing advisory opinions regarding any violations of laws or misconduct by elected statewide officials.

New Democratic leadership and new members in each chamber with a focus on renewing New Mexicans’ trust in government made the creation of an independent ethics commission a reality.

"An independent ethics commission is critical to moving New Mexico forward," said Representative Small. "I am proud to be part of the bipartisan team that passed our final Senate committee today, and I am excited for this window of opportunity. During my campaign, I looked thousands of constituents in the eye and told them I would fight for ethics reform and good government, and today we took an important step toward that goal". 

“Elected officials cannot effectively legislate if they do not have the full faith and trust of the citizens they are elected to serve,” said Representative McCamley. “It seems likely that this year we have the votes needed to pass this resolution allowing voters to decide on a more ethical and transparent state government.”

Representative Ely said, “Creating an independent ethics commission to build trust in government is long overdue. After hearing from my constituents, I made weeding out corruption in government and ensuring our officials are working for New Mexicans instead of the well-connected my main priorities. I’m glad to play a role in moving this effort forward.”

House Joint Resolution 8 cleared the Senate Rules Committee in an 8-1 vote and will be heard next on the Senate floor. If approved by the Senate, HJR 8 will be placed on the next general election ballot in November 2018.