Key Renewable Energy Bill Introduced

Key Renewable Energy Bill Introduced

Santa Fe – Today, the sponsors of House Bill 426, the Renewable Energy Transmission Authority Study Act, released statements on the bill’s introduction and its importance to New Mexico’s efforts to expand renewable energy. House Bill 426, sponsored by Rep. Dayan Hochman-Vigil (D-Albuquerque), Rep. Abbas Akhil (D-Albuquerque), Rep. Melanie Stansbury (D-Albuquerque), Rep. Natalie Figueroa (D-Albuquerque) and Rep. Karen C. Bash (D-Albuquerque), would appropriate $300,000 to the New Mexico Renewable Energy Transmission Authority to study and make recommendations for renewable energy transmission infrastructure and storage in New Mexico.

“Identifying and utilizing effective storage capabilities so that we can expand our renewable energy efforts, and even export renewable energy to other states, will help New Mexico become a national leader in renewable energy production,” said Rep. Dayan Hochman-Vigil (D-Albuquerque). “I am proud that this bill will serve as the basis for our state moving toward a clean energy future so our communities can thrive and we can continue to diversify our economy.”

“This bill creates the foundation for making sure we can meet the targets set in our Renewable Portfolio Standards,” said Rep. Abbas Akhil (D-Albuquerque). “Without this important infrastructure, our efforts in renewable energy would fall short of our state’s true capacity. New Mexico has the potential to be a leader on renewable energy, providing good jobs and opportunity for New Mexicans while honoring the natural resources in our great state.”

HB 426 would help our state reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create jobs, diversify our economy, improve public health, and save our state money.

House Bill 426 has been referred to two committees; the House Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources Committee, and the House Appropriations and Finance Committee.