Memorial to Increase Quality Classroom Time for Students Passes Committee

Memorial to Increase Quality Classroom Time for Students Passes Committee

Santa Fe, NM- Today, a memorial to support teachers by reducing their amount of required paperwork passed unanimously in the House Education Committee. HM 34, sponsored by Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard (D-Los Alamos), would convene a task force to study the feasibility of a reduction in paperwork required of education employees, and would modify the New Mexico administrative code to aid in that reduction.

“Our students deserve quality time in the classroom and this bill recognizes that the time a teacher spends doing paperwork can instead be spent with their students. Our children are our top priority and should be given every opportunity to succeed,” said Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard.

“Way too often I have to sacrifice one-on-one time my students need just to complete department required paperwork. There must be a reduction in the amount of paperwork required of teacher to allow adequate quality time for instruction of our students,” Cherlynn Lee, Kirtland Middle School teacher.

Increased paperwork means less time for educators to devote to students and parents, and time away from teaching can become a deterrent for teachers to stay in the field. This memorial recognizes that a reduction in paperwork will benefit teachers, as well as students and parents.

House Democrats are working to improve education in New Mexico to ensure every child has access to quality education no matter where they live or what their background.

HM 34 now heads to the House Floor for consideration.