NM Representatives Applaud Supreme Court Decision on Marriage

NM Representatives Applaud Supreme Court Decision on Marriage

Ruling Affirms Local Action in New Mexico

SANTA FE- Today, as millions celebrate the Supreme Court decision that grants same-sex couples the right to marriage, New Mexico Representatives reflected on the progress that has been made in our state and nationwide.  

House Democratic Floor Leader Brian Egolf (Santa Fe), who sponsored same-sex marriage legislation as a legislator and, as an attorney, successfully petitioned the court to start issuing same- sex marriage licenses in Santa Fe County said, “Today is a victory for equality and freedom.  Many Americans and New Mexicans can now be secure in their decisions to enter into marriage and pursue the American dream.  I personally entered this fight as a legislator and as an attorney on behalf of my constituents who wanted equal protection of the law to marry those that they love.  I was proud of our achievements on this issue in Santa Fe County, and today I’m proud as an American.”

Representative Bill McCamley (Doña Ana) said, “We fought hard and took the lead on marriage equality in Doña Ana and New Mexico, and now the entire country can enjoy the freedoms and security we’ve had for several years here.  It’s an important decision to ensure that all people receive constitutional protection for fundamental human rights that we all deserve.”

On December 19, 2013, New Mexico became the 17th state to legalize same-sex marriage after the New Mexico Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision in Griego v. Oliver holding that marriage licenses must be issued to couples without respect to gender.  This came after numerous actions at the county level to start issuing same-sex marriage licenses, beginning with Doña Ana County and including Egolf’s June 2013 victory in Hanna v. Salazar  in Santa Fe County, which was the first time that a court in New Mexico ordered that same-sex marriage licenses must be issued.