Party Line Vote Stops Consumer Protection Legislation

Party Line Vote Stops Consumer Protection Legislation



Republicans Defeat Vehicle Insurance Consumer Advisory Committee

Party Line Vote Stops Consumer Protection Legislation



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February 12, 2016

(Santa Fe)  Republicans in the New Mexico House of Representative Regulatory and Public Affairs Committee (RPAC) voted today on a party line vote to stop legislation to establish a “vehicle insurance advisory committee.” The legislation, House Memorial 90, would have established a consumer driven advisory committee within the state office of Superintendent of Insurance to provide consumer protection and oversight ideas for vehicle insurance industry policies in the State of New Mexico.

The legislation was supported by the office of Superintendent of Insurance, who was represented at the committee meeting.

Representative Jeff Steinborn (Las Cruces), the sponsor of the legislation, expressed disappointment at the partisan committee vote against the measure.  “I’m disappointed that the Republicans on the RPAC committee chose to put the interests of the insurance industry above our constituents. We had a golden opportunity to create more consumer protections to help New Mexicans get a fair deal.”

The Republicans who voted against the legislation were:

  • Rep. Yvette Harrell, Chair
  • Rep. Jim Smith
  • Rep. Nora Espinoza
  • Rep. Bob Wooley

The Democrats on the committee all voted in support of the legislation.

Steinborn intends to ask the Superintendent to create the advisory panel outside of the legislation request.