REAL ID Compromise PASSES House

REAL ID Compromise PASSES House

House Democrats Pass REAL ID Compromise

This is a victory for New Mexico and a victory for our immigrant families


SANTA FE – Today, the House of Representatives passed the REAL ID Compromise that will now head to the Governor for signing. This version of the bill has already cleared the Senate and will make New Mexico REAL ID compliant.


“One year ago House Democrats started the debate on creating a true compromise for REAL ID implementation. Now we have a compromise that gives citizens a choice at MVD, and will ensure that all drivers in New Mexico are insured and understand the rules of the road,” said House Democratic Leader, Representative Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe). “This is a victory for all of New Mexico and our immigrant families. With this issue behind us and the concerns of New Mexicans addressed, we hope that House Republicans will now join us on focusing on our economy and creating jobs.”

“We are very pleased that the original punitive and draconian fingerprinting proposal was amended to include safeguards that this information cannot be used in the deportation of our community members and the separation of families,” said House Democratic Whip, Representative Sheryl Williams Stapleton (D-Albuquerque). “This compromise promotes public safety and is compassionate towards our immigrant families. This legislation includes provisions that will ensure that citizens have a choice of whether to apply for a REAL ID compliant license or a non-REAL ID Driver’s Authorization Card; our Native American Community can now use tribal documents if they choose to apply for a REAL ID compliant license, and ensures that our roads are safe and that all New Mexican drivers are insured and understand the rules of road.”


“We can be proud that this compromise recognizes everyone in our community, including our immigrant families that contribute so much to our economy and our key industries,” said Representative Idalia Lechuga-Tena (D-Albuquerque). “Parents can continue to drive their kids to school, doctor’s appointments, and to church without fear. Any citizens that want to apply for a REAL ID compliant license will now have that option, and as soon as this is signed into law, New Mexico will be REAL ID compliant.”  


House Bill 99 has been voted on and passed by both chambers of the New Mexico Legislature and now heads to the Governor for signing.