Rep. Christine Trujillo’s Bill to Eliminate the “Tampon Tax” Advances

Rep. Christine Trujillo’s Bill to Eliminate the “Tampon Tax” Advances

Bill would reduce the tax burden for women who buy feminine hygiene products

Santa Fe – Today, a bill to eliminate the gross receipts tax on feminine hygiene products advanced in the House Health and Human Services Committee. House Bill 179, sponsored by Rep. Christine Trujillo (D-Albuquerque), takes the tax burden off the backs of women in our communities who have no choice but to buy feminine hygiene products.

“This bill is about creating better options for women and girls, and right now, they don’t have a choice – they have to buy these products,” said Rep. Christine Trujillo. “Many women and families across our state are facing financial burdens, and this is just an additional expense that they are forced to pay simply because they happen to be a part of the population that menstruates.”

House Bill 179 also addresses a critical public health issue. According to Rep. Christine Trujillo, “Studies have shown that low-income high school girls will use hygiene products for much longer than the duration recommended by health professionals because they are unable to afford these products. This is a public health issue and needs to be addressed as such.”

The average woman spends between $150-$300 a year on feminine hygiene products.  Depending on local GRT, that means women in New Mexico are spending an additional $12-25.  For the many women and families living paycheck to paycheck, this tax is unduly burdensome.

According to the Tax Foundation, eight states and one district specifically exempt feminine hygiene products—Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia.

House Bill 179 now heads to the House Tax and Revenue Committee for consideration.