Rep. McQueen Visits Dog Head Fire Sites

Rep. McQueen Visits Dog Head Fire Sites

Matthew McQueen Visits Evacuation and Command Center for Dog Head Fire

State Representative Wants to Be Resource for Those Affected

 TIJERAS- Yesterday, New Mexico State Representative Matthew McQueen (D-House District 50) visited the evacuation center for the Dog Head Fire at the Los Vecinos Community Center in Tijeras and the fire’s Incident Command Post in Estancia.  

The Dog Head Fire is in the district that McQueen represents.  Representative McQueen brought supplies to families that had been affected, including toys to keep children entertained.  Representative McQueen met with community members and the Incident Command Post to get updates on the fire and see how he can help.

                “My heart goes out to all the families and communities that have been affected by this fire, and I want to do everything I can to ensure their safety and well-being.  I am committed to helping however I can and have been speaking with community members, state and federal agencies, and other organizations to make sure that we have the resources necessary to fight this fire and support those that had to evacuate,” said Representative McQueen. 

McQueen has a history of supporting efforts to manage wildfires and keep communities safe.  In 2016, McQueen allocated capital outlay funds to the Chilili Fire Department, which was one of the towns that were evacuated.  “Right now the focus is on ensuring safety and combating the fire, but we, as lawmakers, have to be committed to supporting healthy forests in the future to protect our families, lands, and watersheds.  For residents in rural areas like this, it’s especially important to maintain a defensible space around structures, and we need to support funding and legislation like the Healthy Forests Initiative to reduce the risk of catastrophic fires,” continued McQueen.

If there is anything he can be of assistance with, Representative McQueen can be reached through his legislative office at (505) 986-4757 or via email at