Rep. Small: We Are a State That is Respectful and Tolerant of All Religions

Rep. Small: We Are a State That is Respectful and Tolerant of All Religions

Santa Fe, N.M. - Today, a bipartisan memorial that would prohibit the creation and utilization of a national registry based on religious affiliation, which was introduced by Representative Nathan Small (D-Las Cruces) and Representative Jason Harper (R-Rio Rancho) advanced with unanimous support from the House Judiciary Committee.

“Creating a registry based on one’s religious faith carries with it a history of negative implications for that individual,” said Representative Small. “The relevance of this memorial continues today and, as New Mexicans, we are a respectful and tolerant of all religions.”

This memorial recognizes every person’s freedom to worship and affiliate with a religion according to their conscience guaranteed by the New Mexico Constitution and a bill  recently in the United States Congress that prohibits the collection of information and establishment of a registry for the purpose of classifying certain individuals on the basis of their religion affiliation.

During today’s House Judiciary Committee hearing, all members voiced their support for the memorial and they commended Representative Small for his engagement on this issue.

The issue of religious freedom has again been in the news, because of broad uproar over President Trump’s actions against incoming immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries.