Republican Leaders Block Statewide Sick Leave

Republican Leaders Block Statewide Sick Leave

Republican Leaders Block Statewide Paid Sick Leave

House Republican Leadership refuse to debate paid sick leave for New Mexico’s workers


SANTA FE – Today, during the floor debate on House Bill 211, the Anti-Local Control Act, Republican leaders blocked debate on statewide paid sick leave. The Healthy Workplace Amendment, proposed by House Democratic Leadership would have added provisions to House Bill 211 to enact statewide paid sick leave. 

“Hundreds of thousands of workers in New Mexico were negatively impacted by the actions of House Republican Leadership today,” said House Democratic Leader, Representative Brian Egolf. “When workers don’t earn sick leave it hurts a household’s income.  But the most dangerous effect of the absence of paid sick leave is that sick workers can’t afford to take time off—and this jeopardizes their coworkers and customers as a result. It is our duty as lawmakers to ensure the public health of our state. House Republicans need to stop playing politics and start working with us on solutions for New Mexico. We only have two and a half days left of the 2016 Legislative Session, now is not the time to play political games.”


The Healthy Workplace Amendment would have maintained the Anti-Local Control Act’s preemption of political subdivisions’ regulation of hours and scheduling in private sector workplaces. However, it would have restored the authority to regulate paid and unpaid leave – given the local impacts that result from the absence of such policies. 


The amendment would have established minimum earned sick leave for employees that are eligible for the minimum wage in New Mexico and would have ensured that workers would have accrued a minimum of one hour of sick leave per every 20 hours of work, which roughly totals one day for every month of full-time work.  Maximum accrual of sick leave would have been the equivalent of earned sick leave that an employee could earn in one year.