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100-year-old mother meets 79-year-old daughter for the first time: 'It was a miracle'

It was an emotional family reunion on Sunday in Florida: A 79-year-old daughter met her 100-year-old birth mother for the first time, both having been told decades ago that the other had died. For years they've lived less than 100 miles apart along the Florida coast, not knowing about each other until a recent DNA test and the dedication of family members brought them together. Joanne Loewenstern, 79, found out at the age of 16 that she was adopted. She was told her birth mother had died soon after she was born, according to WPTV-TV in West Palm Beach. Caretakers of Lillian Ciminieri, 100, believe she spent her life thinking her daughter had died at birth, according to a video of the reunion. Ciminieri once went by "Lillian Feinsilver," the name Loewenstern was given as her birth mother's name, according to the Washington Post. Thanks to the detective work of family members documented by the Post, mother and daughter reunited after a DNA match on The website offers DNA services designed to help users discover their family history. "It was a miracle in our view," Elliot Loewenstern, Joanne's son, told USA TODAY in a written message. "Unbelievable." ► June 29: Teen helps blind and deaf man on flight ► June 27: Teacher's final gift was to help children in need When the two met in Port St. Lucie, Florida, they were about 1,000 miles away from where they were separated 79 years ago: New York City. The mystery of her birth mother haunted Loewenstern throughout her life. "Many nights I sat and cried," Loewenstern told WPTV. She didn't fully believe that her mother had died at a Bronx hospital in 1938, as she was told. “I had a feeling she was alive somehow,” The Post quotes Loewenstern as saying. “I just felt that I didn’t believe it for some reason.” Details of how and why the separation occurred are still unknown. "We don’t know what happened officially because this is all new to us and we aren’t alive at that time," Elliot Loewenstern said. The reunion brought relief and closure to Loewenstern and her family. "This is incredible and my mother can finally put to bed her question of who am I? God truly works in mysterious ways and today was massive," Elliot Loewenstern wrote on Facebook after the reunion. Mother and daughter spent time coloring together when they met. One of the pictures: Flip-flops and sunglasses, that Loewenstern inscribed with a message. She promised to keep in touch, to have a relationship with her long-lost birth mother. "Love your daughter, Joanne," she signed the picture.

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10 dead in Texas school shooting, suspect identified as Dimitrios Pagourtzis: What we know

Witnesses described the shooter firing inside a classroom about 7:40 a.m., sending students running out of the building, hopping over fences and taking shelter in a nearby car wash. Tyler Turner, a student, told KTRK-TV in Houston, his friends saw the gunman with a shotgun. The gunman, Turner said, pulled the fire alarm, bringing students out of their classrooms. One student, who identified herself as Paige to KRTK-TV, said she hid backstage in an auditorium as the first shots rang out. She called her mom on her cellphone, who told her to remain calm, breathe and follow the teachers' directions. "I was very, very scared," she said.

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Acting New Zealand PM tells Australia to change its flag

New Zealand's Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters called on neighbouring Australia to change its flag Thursday, saying it had pinched the Kiwi banner's design and was causing confusion. "We designed it and they borrowed it and if we wanted to clear the matter up they should change their flag," Peters told reporters. "It must be patently obvious that all over the world people are confused. I've been in places like Turkey and elsewhere where they've confused our countries on the basis of those flags. It's not helpful." Both the New Zealand and Australian flags are dark blue with the Union Jack emblem of former colonial power Britain in the top left corner. The only major difference is that the Australian version has six white stars, five representing the Southern Cross, while New Zealand depicts the constellation with four red stars. Peters, who is temporarily leading the country while Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is on maternity leave, feels strongly about the flag issue. The 73-year-old also raised it earlier this week, complaining "we got there first with this design". Opposition leader Simon Bridges ridiculed Peters' flag preoccupation, accusing him of populism and labelling him "a poor man's Donald Trump". Bridges said New Zealanders he had spoken to were concerned about topics such as the economy and healthcare. "They never raised with me changing the Australian flag. That's weird by even his (Peters') standards," he told parliament. New Zealand adopted its flag in 1902, while Australia's was not officially recognised until 1954. However, the Australian version had been used informally since 1901 and both countries say similar designs were common throughout the late 1800s. New Zealand held a referendum on changing its flag to a silver fern design in 2016, with the proposal defeated 43 percent to 57.

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A grooming gang in Huddersfield targeted dozens of underage girls and raped

A grooming gang in Huddersfield targeted dozens of underage girls and raped, abused, and passed them around for years. One mum recounts the harrowing abuse suffered by her daughter. "One time she came home and her neck was completely black with bites. "I had an idea what was going on because I would see her underwear... but these men have a hold over your child and there's nothing you can do apart from be there." This was the reality of daily life for one family who fought for years to free their daughter from the abusers' grip. At 13, she was not particularly streetwise. Her mother remembers a "very quiet", boy band-obsessed "girly-girl who loved wearing pink hair clips". But, as she was drawn into a seedy world, she changed. Twenty guilty of campaign of rape and abuse Grooming victims 'delivered to hell' "Her hair tied so tight on top of her head, her clothes changed, her underwear changed," her mother said. "There were big hooped earrings and she started wearing make-up and listening to this music I didn't recognise. "All the time she was home her phone was constantly in her hand." Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES Image caption Victims were "used and abused at will" over a seven year period from 2004 to 2011 A pattern of behaviour began to stick. She regularly missed school, disappeared every weekend and left her parents frantic until they got a hysterical call in the early hours. Each time, their daughter had been dumped and left to find her own way back to her family. At home, the youngster was bombarded with dozens of phone calls and text messages. Her parents locked windows and doors to try and protect her but she would threaten to hurt herself with a knife. "There was one time we were trying to talk sense into her and drag her back into the house," her mum said. "She was saying 'I have to go, you don't understand'. "I was saying 'please make us understand' and she said 'they've said if I don't do what they say then they're going to gang rape you in front of dad'. "I was gobsmacked. I thought if this is the kind of hold these perpetrators have over your child then you've got absolutely no chance." Reality Check: The scale of online child sex abuse 'Nobody asked me any questions' Desperate to "get her off the radar", her father took her out of the country for several weeks. But when she returned, so did the men and their demands. "She'd come home totally disorientated. We used to take it in turns and sit up all night with her, making sure she was lying on her side. We didn't know what she'd had. "She was giddy, silly. I used to always say what's your name, what's your date of birth, do you know what day it is? "Then she'd sleep right through until dinner time the day after, get up, shower and go out again." Her parents would constantly ring the police and approached their MP. With support from charity Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation, they kept a daily log but were told by officers that without any "hardcore evidence" or the girls speaking out, nothing could be done. "Some police officers were nice but the odd one or two d

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Americans own nearly half world's guns in civilian hands: survey

Americans make up 4 percent of the world's population but owned about 46 percent of the estimated 857 million weapons in civilian hands at the end of 2017, a survey showed on Monday. The Small Arms Survey, an independent global research project based in Geneva, Switzerland, found that there were more than 1 billion firearms in the world, of which civilians owned 85 percent, while the rest were held by militaries or law enforcement agencies. The number of guns owned by civilians globally rose to 857 million in 2017 from 650 million in 2006, the survey said. There were 120 guns for every 100 U.S. residents in 2017, it found, followed by Yemen with nearly 53 firearms per 100 people. "The biggest force pushing up gun ownership around the world is civilian ownership in the United States. Ordinary American people buy approximately 14 million new and imported guns every year," survey author Aaron Karp told reporters. "Why are they buying them? That's another debate. Above all, they are buying them probably because they can. The American market is extraordinarily permissive," he told a news conference at the United Nations in New York. The Small Arms Survey said civilian firearms registration data was available for 133 countries and territories, but only 28 countries released information on their military stockpiles and law enforcement agencies. Karp said every figure published by the survey for 230 countries and territories "includes some degree of estimation.

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American tourist killed by stray bullet in Mexico City

An American tourist was accidentally shot and killed during a driveby shooting while exiting a taco restaurant in an upscale neighborhood in Mexico City on Monday. The woman was apparently struck by a stray bullet, according to the Mexico City Attorney General's Office. According to the AG, she was struck when two men on a motorcycle fired at a man on the sidewalk. Tatiana Mirutenko, 27, was shot while exiting a restaurant in the Lomas de Chapultepec neighborhood of the Mexico capital at about 5:50 a.m. The neighborhood is known as a nice area and a popular destination for tourists. Mirutenko, who was with her husband and two friends, was taken to the hospital, where she died. The 46-year-old man who was targeted in the shooting was injured. The AG said he worked as a bouncer in Polanco, the neighborhood just east of Lomas de Chapultepec. "A year ago, we were selecting flowers for the wedding. Today we were looking at flowers for the funeral," Wasyl Mirutenko, Tatiana's father, told San Francisco ABC station KGO. A manhunt is still on for the two alleged shooters. "The analysis of the surveillance cameras, by the investigation police, allowed us to know that the aggressors fled to the State of Mexico," the attorney general said. The woman worked for Nektar Therapeutics in San Francisco. "Tatiana was a bright and passionate rising star on our Nektar Investor Relations team in San Francisco," Jennifer Ruddock, Nektar's senior Vvice president of Investor Relations and Corporate Affairs told ABC News. "She was always willing to help on any project across the company and had an incredibly strong work ethic. Many throughout Nektar, and outside the company, valued her positive energy, insight and sheer enthusiasm for life."

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AMUEEE Application Form 2018 For New Session

Lakhs of candidates are waiting for the AMUEEE Application Form 2018 which is going to schedule for the academic session for engineering course. AMUEEE is also known as Aligarh Muslim University Engineering Entrance Exam. AMU is famous & premier central university and situated in the middle of Aligarh.

AMUEEE Application Form 2018

This university ha 12 faculties like Agricultural Sciences, Social Science, Law, Medicine, Theology and Unani Medicine, Engineering, Arts, Management Studies and Research. The application form is different for different streams. The qualification eligibility is different for different courses. The exam will schedule in the offline mode. The minimum age required for this exam is 17 and have the secondary school certificate before 2014. The AMU Engineering Application form can fill up by offline and also by online mode. While applying for multiple courses, candidates have to fill up only one form. AMUEEE 2018 Online Registration • Candidates can check the official website and the link will appear over there.

• If the candidate wants to fill up the form in offline mode then first of all download the form and then fill it manually.

• You can also go for the “Apply” button and read all the instruction carefully and go for the “Click here to continue”.

• Candidates can select “New Registration Candidate”.

• Candidates have registered with their mobile number and email id.

• After this, the authority will send the username and password both to the candidate on their registered mobile number.

• Also, you need to upload the valid certificates, signature as well as thumb impression of the left hand.

• Finally, you can click on the “Save” button & make payment through credit card, debit card or net banking

• Candidates can get the print out of the confirmation page on A4 size paper and keep it with you.

• Candidates no need to send a confirmation page to the authority. Download AMUEEE Application 2018

• First of all, candidates need to download the application from its official website.

• You can attach the copies of certificates, signature and left-hand thumb impression.

• Candidates can also attach the demand draft of fees.

• For the candidates who are applying for this exam in offline mode, they have to send their forms to the university address.

• For offline mode, during filling the forms use black ball point pen.

• You can also attach the demand draft with the documents.

• Candidates can keep all the print out of confirmation page for future reference. AMUEEE 2018 Application Fees

• The application fees for B.Tech is Rs. 550/-, for both B. Tech and B. Arch the fees, is Rs. 650/- and for B.E (evening) the fees is Rs. 350/-.

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AP ICET MBA/ MCA Application Form 2018 For New

Sri Venkateswara University has activated a link of APICET Application Form 2018 for those interested eligible students whose aim is to make a career in management and technology. AP ICET 2018 pronounced as Andhra Pradesh Integrated Common Entrance Test. These forms will start to fill from 1st week of March to 2nd week of April for doing post graduation degrees like MBA and MCA. This test will conduct to provide admissions for MBA & MCA colleges of Andhra Pradesh. This entrance test will schedule in the month of May 2018. AP ICET MBA/ MCA Application Form 2018 Candidates who have passed their graduations or bachelor degrees they can apply online for ICET 2018. Students can get admission into different types of colleges by qualifying this test. Admission will be given based on purely merit system. Topper students can get admission by taking highest rank according to their choice in their desired colleges or university. Interested & willing students who want to appear this test, they should pay the exam fees. Students should have to pay 450/- fees by debit /credit cards or net banking or by going AP helpline center. Students should have to upload photograph and signature in sizes given in the notifications. Before filling the form let us read various steps to apply the form:- Online Registration for AP ICET 2018 • You can visit official website e. to click apply online form. • Candidate must submit their fees online with debit/credit card (MasterCard or Maestro) /net banking by clicking on Fee Payment Tab. • For payment of fees, candidate has to enter hall ticket number, Name, DOB, Mobile Number, E-Mail ID, Fee amount etc. then click on Initiate Payment button. • Now you can choose your cards like debit or credit and fill all the details given in the form. • After successfully payment, a confirmation message will be appeared and the amount will be deducted from the card. • If any problem occurs during payment process then students must try again for payment of fees. The amount will be deducted only one time from your account. • Candidate can pay 450/- fees for this exam. Candidate can pay their fees by going nearest APOnline Center. • Now candidate can know their payment status by entering qualifying examination hall ticket number and mobile number then click on Check payment status. • After successful payment, you can click to proceed fill the application. • Candidates can click on fill application form. Now candidates can type father's name, Mother’s name, Gender, Aadhaar Card No., Birth District, Birth state, ration Card No., category, Minority/No-minority, Annual Income of the Parents, address, qualifying examination( 10th and 12th class hall ticket no., month of passing, year of passing), Place of study. • Now candidate has to enter their test center preferences on their choices. • You need to upload photograph and signature. The size of colored photograph and signature must not be over than 50KB and 30KB respectively. • Candidate has to click on declaration box after reading all the instructions & click on save button. Candidates can take print out this application form for future use.

apicet 2018 application form @

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Best thing about Packers and Movers in Delhi

You are residing in Delhi and planning to move somewhere in other state. The first thing that will strike in your mind will be the packing of your all belongings and transporting it. According to you shifting along with your family and belongings can make you feel stressful. You should not think so much regarding the issue of packing the stuff and relocating your place.

packers and movers in chandigarh

In the present scenario with the availability of things at an ease, movers and packers agencies in a metropolitan place is easy to hire. So when you have the solution to your problem your stress should not come to you. Relieving your stress on the company workers which you have hired can help you in managing the things with comfort. But the other thing that strikes your mind is the traffic at Delhi border. But when you have hired the expert team to relocate your goods you need not to worry. There are few things that are best on part of the agencies of packing running in Delhi. With increase in competition in market this industry is fastest growing and helping the customers in relocating their things with a comfort.

Packers And Movers in Ludhiana

The customers are now less relaxed as their needs are being fulfilled by these agencies with experts and professionals they have hired. Various benefits these firms are giving to the customers with their best services- From start to finish These firms take the whole responsibility of the customers by packing their stuff in a good and protected way and then transporting it in a safely manner. After that unpacking the stuff and setting it according t6o customers wish. They take all the headache without giving much pain to the hirers. Insurance policy- The best service they are offering is the insurance policy of the products.

Almost all the companies have different policies of insurance some do not give the insurance for glass and plastic stuff. But some firms even give some amount for the plastic and glass too. Experienced team- Team of the company makes the firm grow at a large scale. So in this competitive world every organization wants to grow so they hire the experts and professionals who can serve in a better way. The workers who are familiar with packing do it well without any harm to the things. Planning- The best agencies always work with great coordination and patience. They don’t pack the things in a hurry rather they pack everything with patience. Hassle free shifting- Despite of so much traffic in Delhi the companies are giving 100 percent satisfaction to the customers with their on time shifting. They provide hassle free shifting.

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Cambridge Analytica files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation after debilitating scandal

Cambridge Analytica, the political intelligence firm whose tactics came under fire and sparked a whirlwind of scrutiny over Facebook data, has submitted papers in the U.S. to begin liquidating. The company filed late Thursday to enter Chapter 7 bankruptcy. It was a widely expected decision after the firm had already started similar proceedings in United Kingdom courts. The move comes less than three weeks after Cambridge Analytica announced it would shut down, citing the debilitating controversy over its handling of some 87 million Facebook users' data and its aggressive political maneuvers, including past ties to the Trump campaign. The company is also said to be under investigation by U.S. special counsel Robert Mueller as he probes Russian meddling in the presidential election. That will continue. Cambridge Analytica said earlier this month that it had "unwavering confidence that its employees have acted ethically and lawfully," but "the siege of media coverage has driven away virtually all of the company’s customers and suppliers." The company had 107 full-time employees and offices in London, New York and Washington as of earlier this month. In a court filing, Cambridge Analytica listed assets of about $100,000 to $500,000 and debts of about $1 million to $10 million. The company said it had no more than 49 creditors. More: Cambridge Analytica shutting down in wake of Facebook data crisis

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Chargers and USA Football Host Youth Football Summit

On Saturday, during the last weekend before the Chargers kicked off phase one of the offseason program, Hoag Performance Center was buzzing as the team hosted a leadership summit alongside USA Football for youth football commissioners, presidents and coaches. The purpose of the summit was to assemble leaders from Southern California youth football leagues and affiliate organizations to share information, discuss relevant issues and develop strategies to ensure the future of the game. USA Football Regional Manager Josh Huber presented programs, products, resources and tools designed to assist youth coaches and leaders, while Chargers representatives such as Special Teams Coordinator/Assistant Head Coach George Stewart, former tight end/fullback Kris Wilson and sports nutritionist Karen Freeman spoke and addressed key topics relating to youth football. Other features of the summit included a presentation from Huntington Beach Union High School District’s Athletic Director Jim Perry in his role with Positive Coaching Alliance – Los Angeles, equipment fitting instructions from Brad Ross of Riddell, and a Q&A session with Dr. Eugene Yim from Hoag Medical Group. Legendary Mission Viejo HS Coach Bob Johnson and CIF-Southern Section Commissioner Rob Wigod also shared their knowledge and experience in the game of football with attendees.

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Cops and protesters scuffle after man fatally shot by Chicago police officer

CHICAGO — Police scuffled with demonstrators Saturday evening in the nation's third-largest city, hours after a Chicago police officer fatally shot a man on the city's South Side. Officers were struck by rocks and bottles as dozens of demonstrators gathered near the crime scene Saturday, according to police. Four demonstrators were arrested late Saturday as police cleared the crime scene, said Anthony Guglielmi, the police department's chief spokesman. Fred Waller, chief of the department's patrol division, said three or four officers were injured. It was not immediately clear what charges the arrested demonstrators face. Video posted on social media appeared to show multiple officers drag one man at the scene. Protesters chanted "murderers" and "no justice, no peace" at officers.

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Create a new park

You know what would make this lovely place even more lovely? A new park! Please consider it.

Official response from considering

This is something my administration is actively considering.

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Diaper-clad 'Trump Baby' blimp to fly over London during president's visit

LONDON – An inflatable blimp of President Donald Trump wearing a diaper, clutching a cellphone and throwing a temper tantrum has been given approval to fly near Britain's Parliament here during the U.S. president's visit to the United Kingdom next week. London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Thursday authorized the 19-foot-high orange balloon's flight path during Trump's three-day visit that begins July 13. It will be allowed to fly for two hours next Friday morning in central London at the same time as a "Stop Trump" demonstration takes place that is expected to draw thousands of people. Khan's office said the "Mayor supports the right to peaceful protest and understands this can take many different forms." London city officials previously turned down permission sought by the group behind the blimp, named "Trump Baby," after more than 10,000 people signed a petition and contributed to a crowdfunding campaign to pay for it. It will be anchored to a spot in Parliament Square Gardens and not allowed to fly higher than 100 feet. Big Ben, the nickname for the Great Bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster across from Parliament Square Gardens, is 315 feet tall.

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Donald Trump asks black people for their votes during Ohio rally

LEBANON, Ohio – President Donald Trump Friday night marched out at the Warren County Fairgrounds to Lee Greenwood's "Proud to be an American" and rallied an enthusiastic crowd for the November election. He asked a favor of black voters. "I'm asking all African-American voters to honor us with their support," Trump said. "Get away from the Democrats, they’ve done nothing." Thousands were packed underneath a massive metal roof on the fairgrounds to listen to Trump. The venue’s capacity according to fairgrounds staff is 3,000. Rapper and avid Trump supporter Kanye West’s name came up multiple times during Trump’s hour-long speech. West made a highly publicized and profanity-laced visit to the Oval Office yesterday. “Kanye West, what he did yesterday was pretty amazing,” Trump said. West also got a blessing from U.S. Rep. Steve Chabot, R-Westwood. Trump came to southwest Ohio to help Chabot’s re-election effort. Chabot is locked in a bitter battle with Democratic candidate Aftab Pureval. It's one of the nation's highest-profile races. Trump brought Chabot onstage. Chabot spoke briefly, asking God to bless Trump, the people of Warren County and West. "I never thought I would say this, God Bless Kanye West," Chabot said. Trump spent the bulk of his speech campaigning for GOP candidates in Ohio. He praised Chabot as “a great friend of mine." Prior to the speech, Trump attended a fundraiser for Chabot. Chabot told The Enquirer earlier this week he didn't ask the president to come but he welcomes him. This race is about Trump just as much if not more than the candidates. A Suffolk University/Enquirer poll released Friday showed 48 percent of Ohio likely voters said they wanted their vote "to change the direction President Trump is leading the nation." Only 34 percent said they wanted to support the direction Trump has set, though that was up from an earlier poll this summer.

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Egypt's Sisi, facing online backlash, says country is on the 'right track'

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said on Saturday Egypt was on the "right track" to rebuild its economy after years of instability that had nearly brought the country to its knees. Speaking on the anniversary of 2013 mass protests that helped propel him into power, Sisi said Egypt had faced challenges, including political instability, armed insurgency and an economic meltdown since 2011 protests forced President Hosni Mubarak from power after more than 30 years in office. "I tell you in all objectivity, every Egyptian man and woman is entitled to feel proud for what his country has achieved in facing the three challenges, and in record time," Sisi said in a televised speech. Sisi, who was elected for a second term in March, has been pushing ahead with economic reforms required under a three-year, $12 billion IMF loan that have left many of Egypt's 100 million people struggling to make ends meet. [nL8N1TL2RJ] Spurred by the painful reforms, an online campaign calling for Sisi to step down has gathered momentum in recent weeks. "The results that have been achieved until now indicate we are on the right path," Sisi said, citing positive economic indicators, including a record $44 billion in foreign reserves and economic growth of 5.4 percent. Human rights groups accuse Sisi of presiding over a crackdown on dissent as he pushes ahead with the reforms, that have included raising prices for fuel, electricity and public transportation. The Egyptian military and security forces, under Sisi's orders, have been conducting a major operation in Sinai this year, trying to crush Islamist militants behind a wave of attacks that had killed hundreds. Analysts say the reforms have eroded his once soaring popularity, but to what extent is hard to gauge since scores of websites have been banned in the past year and opponents rounded up, often on charges of spreading fake news.

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Ex PM Stephen Harper to doorknock for conservatives in spring Alberta election

Former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper will be doorknocking for the upcoming Alberta election in the Calgary constituency held by a bitter foe of United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney. "I live in (NDP cabinet minister) Sandra Jansen's riding," Harper's wife, Laureen, said Tuesday night in a speech at the launch of SheLeads, a non-profit group aimed at encouraging and mentoring women to run for conservative parties. Harper said she and her husband are not getting involved in the United Conservative candidate nomination race in their Calgary-West constituency but, to cheers and applause, added "My husband said 'I'm doorknocking for the winner. I'm doorknocking.'" SheLeads is mentoring women on everything from campaigning to fundraising to dealing with social media, starting with Kenney's UCP as it prepares for the election in 2019. Jansen won the Calgary-North West riding in the 2015 election as a Progressive Conservative. She ran against Kenney in a subsequent party leadership vote, but dropped out of the race and from caucus, saying the personal abuse from Kenney's supporters was intolerable. Kenney went on to win the PC leadership, then merged the party with the Wildrose party to form the UCP. Jansen, meanwhile, crossed the floor to the NDP and is now minister of infrastructure under Premier Rachel Notley. SheLeads is led by Laureen Harper and former federal Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose. In her speech, Harper, a longtime political strategist and organizer, told the women the biggest step is winning the candidate nomination, since candidates have to build their campaigns from scratch. "Your nomination meeting and your nomination is the hardest thing you'll ever do. If you win, it gets easier. It's still hard but you do have a team," said Harper. Ambrose told the crowd the hardest step comes earlier, making the mental leap of self-confidence to run and believe in yourself rather than put up artificial barriers. Ambrose said too often when she urges women to run they come up with a list of reasons to wait — more education, more experience — telling her "I'm not ready yet." Ambrose said when she makes the same political pitch to a male he responds "Sign me up." "We need to get rid of that disconnect," said Ambrose. Shannon Stubbs, an Alberta Conservative MP, was among those in the crowd. In an interview, she said candidates need to park any shyness or self-modesty and tap personal contacts at the start — men and women, family, friends and business contacts — to cement the foundation of a political network that will be energized to come out and vote for them on nomination day.

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FBI terrorism unit says 'black identity extremists' pose a violent threat

Leaked report, citing concerns of retaliation over ‘perceptions of police brutality against African Americans’, prompts fears of crackdown on activists The US government has declared “black identity extremists” a violent threat, according to a leaked report from the FBI’s counter-terrorism division. The assessment, obtained by Foreign Policy, has raised fears about federal authorities racially profiling activists and aggressively prosecuting civil rights protesters. The report, dated August 2017 and compiled by the Domestic Terrorism Analysis Unit, said: “The FBI assesses it is very likely Black Identity Extremist (BIE) perceptions of police brutality against African Americans spurred an increase in premeditated, retaliatory lethal violence against law enforcement and will very likely serve as justification for such violence.” Incidents of “alleged police abuse” have “continued to feed the resurgence in ideologically motivated, violent criminal activity within the BIE movement”. The FBI’s dedicated surveillance of black activists follows a long history of the US government aggressively monitoring protest movements and working to disrupt civil rights groups, but the scrutiny of African Americans by a domestic terrorism unit was particularly alarming to some free speech campaigners. “When we talk about enemies of the state and terrorists, with that comes an automatic stripping of those people’s rights to speak and protest,” said Mohammad Tajsar, staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union. “It marginalizes what are legitimate voices within the political debate that are calling for racial and economic justice.” The document has emerged at a time of growing concerns about Donald Trump’s links to the far right and white nationalists, and increasing anxieties about his administration’s efforts to further criminalize communities of color and shield police from scrutiny. Anti-Trump protesters and Black Lives Matter activists have continued to face harsh prosecutions and close federal monitoring. The FBI did not immediately respond to the Guardian’s request for comment on Friday, but defended its tracking of “black identity extremists” in a statement to Foreign Policy, claiming the “FBI cannot initiate an investigation based solely on an individual’s race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, or the exercise of First Amendment rights”. Advertisement The FBI’s report noted specific cases of recent violence against police, most notably Micah Johnson, a 25-year-old shooter in Dallas who killed five officers and said he was targeting white people and law enforcement. Black Lives Matter – a movement protesting the disproportionate killings of black citizens by police in the US – had no ties to Johnson or other targeted killings of police and has condemned those shootings. The number of police officers killed on the job also remains a fraction of the number of citizens killed by officers each year, and statistics suggest that more white offenders than black offenders kill officers. The new FBI report said “BIE violence” peaked in the 1960s and 1970s “in response to changing socioeconomic attitudes and treatment of blacks”, adding that possible indicators today for “BIEs posing a violent threat to law enforcement” include “violent anti-white rhetoric” and “attempts to acquire illegal weapons or explosives”. BIE appears to be a very new term within law enforcement, Foreign Policy noted. Elsa Waithe, a comedian and activist with Black Lives Matter, said she feared the FBI’s classification could deter people from joining protests and further “criminalize anyone who is already in the movement”. She noted that she often wears a “black power” button and could easily see the FBI labeling her as a threat as a result: “The term ‘black identity extremist’ is so vague on purpose … If I wanted to do a picnic for black folks, is this now some sort of terrorist activity?” But law enforcement threats would not discourage her, she said. “This changes nothing. For some people, this means we fight harder.” Some reports have suggested that the Trump administration has also pushed to focus counter-terrorism efforts solely on Islamist extremism and no longer target white supremacist groups. The president further faced significant backlash in August for saying there were “very fine people” on both sides of a neo-Nazi rally where a civil rights activist was killed by an alleged white nationalist. Advertisement The FBI document seemed to be aligned with far-right figures who have increasingly called Black Lives Matter a terrorist group, some comparing it to the Ku Klux Klan, noted Tajsar. DeRay Mckesson, a prominent Black Lives Matter activist, likened the “black identity extremist” monitoring to the FBI’s highly controversial domestic counterintelligence program known as Cointelpro, which was used to target political groups and activists like the NAACP, Martin Luther King Jr, socialist and communist groups and anti-war protesters. “We knew that we were likely being watched,” said Mckesson, who has spoken out about being monitored by the US government and FBI. “This is confirmation that the work of social justice continues to threaten those in power.”

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Gaza rocket hits outside major southern Israel city, Army Radio says

A long-range rocket fired from Gaza struck an uninhabited area outside the largest city in southern Israel on Thursday, Israeli Army Radio reported, hours after a Palestinian official said an end to a surge in cross-border fighting could be near. Army Radio said the rocket was a long-range Grad capable of reaching Israel's heartland and that it hit an open area outside Beersheba. It was a show of force and defiance by Palestinian militants ahead of a meeting of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's security cabinet, where terms for a possible truce were likely to be on the agenda. Rocket alert sirens sounded in Beersheba, a city of 200,000 inhabitants some 40 km (25 miles) from the Gaza Strip, for the first time since the 2014 war between Israel and militants in the Palestinian enclave. Hours earlier, a Palestinian official said armed factions in Gaza were prepared to halt a round of rocket attacks on southern Israel - where communities near the border had been targeted - if the Israeli military stopped its air strikes after two days of violence. A pregnant Palestinian woman and her 18-month-old child, and a militant from the Islamist Hamas group that rules Gaza, were killed in the Israeli attacks, and at least five civilians were wounded, local medical officials said. The Israeli military said seven people were wounded in southern Israel. One was identified by her employer as a Thai agricultural worker. The flare-up came after officials on both sides had talked about potential progress in an effort by the United Nations and Egypt to broker a truce to end months of violence and alleviate deepening humanitarian and economic hardship in the Gaza Strip. "Factions of the resistance consider this round of escalation over as far as we are concerned, and the continuation of calm depends on the behaviour of the occupation," the Palestinian official said, using militant groups' term for Israel. The Israeli military declined to comment on the official's remarks. The official, at a command center used by armed groups in Gaza, said they had been "responding to crimes" by Israel - a reference to the killing on Tuesday, in disputed circumstances, of two Hamas gunmen.

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