Willie Madrid


Willie Madrid was raised in Chaparral, New Mexico and has lived there for 47 years. His family was among the first to migrate to the community and only the third Hispanic family. Willie grew up in a close-knit, bilingual family. He learned early on that he had a duty to help others. Today he has four beautiful adult children – Rhian, Michael, Alyssa, and Briana – and lives in Chaparral.

Willie has been an instructional assistant for the Gadsden Independent Public School District for 13 years, teaching Alternative Skills classes. He teaches at the same school that he once attended. Willie has helped thousands of students realize their potential. He has seen firsthand that education transforms lives.

Outside the classroom, Willie has spent his evenings and weekends on the football field. Coach Madrid instills a love for the game and a love for the team in his players. He has coached and managed local teams for 27 years, from Chaparral Middle School Knights to the Chaparral High School Lobos. He’s proud of his teams’ 7 championships.

Willie’s father was an inspiration for him throughout his life. He taught Willie the importance of family. Treat everyone the same, his father said. See no color. Work for the people. You don’t need big words, just the words that get things done. Willie holds onto these lessons as he fights for the people of District 53.

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